Ostwind 4 Fresco Film filming with horses

Ostwind 4

  In August 2018 we filmed "Ostwind 4", which was shot in the impressive natural Mediterranean forests in the province of Ma…
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Almería, Granada, Sevilla locations of our new project: The Spanish Princess.

A follow-on miniseries where the protagonist this time is Catherine of Aragón who is promised in marriage to the future kin…
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Terminator Fresco Film provided the production service

We have finished filming Terminator in Spain

Complex logistics for the shooting of Terminator 6 were involved as there were more than 1000 technicians, 7 provinces and 2 shoot…
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22 nomination GOT7

Congratulations to GOT for their twenty two 2018 Emmy awards nominations

From the 5th to the 8th season (which has just finished filming), we are proud to have been part of the Games of Thrones team in S…
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