Audiovisual from Spain . Icex. Complete news :Fresco Film Services, playing a brilliant role in reviving international film shooting in Spain

Audiovisual from Spain write about our company

Fresco Film Services, playing a brilliant role in reviving international film shoots  in Spain
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Fresco Film Sponsor Focus 2020 and the Makers and Shakers Awards.

We believe it is crucial to be present at one of the most important events in the industry. This year both the meeting and the awa…
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Fresco Film shares its experience in sustainable filming at the Gijón Film Festival.

We were invited to share our experiences in commitment to the environment filming at the presentation of the Asturias film commiss…
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Killing Eve, winner of the 7th LMGI Awards!! Congratulations

We are proud to have participated in the filming of Killing Eve in Spain. Congratulations to the entire location team, especially …
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We did it! Filming completed: Covid Free

Der junge Häuptling Winnetou has been completed! Thanks to all who collaborated in this fantastic achievement!
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WestWorld and Killing Eve nominated at the 7th LMGI Awards

Fresco Film participated in the Spanish filming for both series. Good luck to our nominated friends: Mandi Dillin, Jordi Utset, Mi…
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Filming in a sustainable way even in the new Coronavirus normality

Fresco Film continues to work as a responsible company with a clear objective: to make each shoot as sustainable as possible and i…
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Safely Filming in Spain During Coronavirus

Filming, and all other industrial and economic activity in Spain, is back to working normally.  Despite the high number of co…
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brave new world by fresco film


Realised on July 15, 2020. Thanks again to Amblin Television ,  NBC Universal and Peacock Original.
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