Fresco Film, helping to acquaint universities with the audiovisual industry


This month we shared our experience as an international service company with the students of the University of Málaga and the University of Castilla la Mancha in Toledo.

In Malaga we participated in the activities of «Student’s Day» where Peter Welter and Juan Fernandez explained how it is to organize a shoot and the necessary logistics to achieve good results. They also encouraged students to get involved in the world of production and get to know the profession from the ground up to attain a solid professional training.

At the University of Castilla la Mancha the theme was «The Future of the Great Blockbusters in Spain».  There Peter Welter made a presentation which emphasized the great advantages that Spain has to offer based on its large number of locations and different scenarios. On the other hand he underlined the need for improvements in tax incentives by the central administration and greater involvement of local administrations for the facilitation of permits.

One of the Fresco Films’ ideas is to continue training professionals in the sector as there is a constant need for more specialists in all areas of production, from accounting, personnel, occupational risk prevention, location scouting, construction, design, communication.  In reality the options on offer in an audiovisual project involve a very broad group of people. Fresco Film Services has already signed a collaboration and internship agreement with several Universities and Film Schools, with plans to continue signing agreements to strengthen the core of professionals


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