2019 Freakcon “International Super-Productions in Andalusia” Conference


CEO of Fresco Film, Peter Welter and Simon Barry, “Showrunner” of the Netflix Warrior Nun series, gave a lecture on the reasons why Andalusia is becoming a region that attracts more and more shoots.

Peter Welter explained the course of events from the arrival of a request from a producer through to when the project is finished, outlining the processes of finding the best locations, hiring equipment, advising on tax incentives and the organization of pre-production, filming and closing the project. 

Simon Barry stated that he was delighted to be in Andalusia for this project and the main reason for deciding to bring the project to the province was because of the locations. Simon answered all the questions from the audience about the creative process of developing a series. 

This third edition of FreakCon, the International Manga, Comic, TV and Videogames Festival, took place in Malaga on the 9th and 10th of March 2019 with the aim of consolidating itself in the international scenario of popular culture.  The festival was held in the Malaga Palacio de Ferias y Congresos the Festival and hosted lectures such as that of Peter Welter and Simon Barry, as well as soundtrack concerts, unpublished exhibitions, and photocalls for films and mythical series.


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