Ostwind 4



In August 2018 we filmed "Ostwind 4", which was shot in the impressive natural Mediterranean forests in the province of Malaga. We had a team of approximately 100 people, including expert stunt specialists and special effects.


The filming was especially interesting as we had around 30 horses that worked in different scenes, with stunt riders and handlers who all did a great job.

 Ostwind 4 Fresco Film filming in Spain


This project is the fourth part of the "Ostwind" movie series. Based on the successful books of the same name by the author Lea Schmidbauer. In 2016 we shot "Ostwind 3: Aufbruch nach Ora" also in the natural surroundings of Malaga, in which the protagonist of the saga Mika travels to Andalusia with her horse.

Ostwind 4 Fresco Film filming with horses

We are eager to see the final result on the big screen and wish all success to this fantastic production.


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