LMGI Awards: Outsanding Locations in a Period Television Series


The "Location Managers Guild International Awards", on the stage of the Alex Theater in Glendale (Los Angeles, California), presented the award for OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A PERIOD TELEVISION SERIES, to Tate Áraez, Robert Boake and Matt Jones,

Exceptional locations such as the amphitheater of Itálica, Los Barruecos in Cáceres, the beach at Zumaia, the islet of San Juan de Gaztelugtxe, have been key to the setting of the thrilling.

This award is in part recognition for the entire Fresco Film team that worked on this project for 6 months.

Spain is a country with incredible locations for audiovisual productions, series, and large cinematic projects with impressive natural settings that bring audiovisual content and enormous value to the screen. Spain is a monumental country with incomparable natural landscapes, deserts, beaches, forests, roads, great historical cities, everything you can imagine for an epic storyline.

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