On March 15 Fresco Film Service and its CEO Peter Welter was invited to the Speakers Session "Innovation in Culture" at its XI Innovation “Genio” Award that was held in Malaga at the Picasso Museum.

It was an interesting day where professionals from the world of culture, art, music, film and media participated.


Peter Welter’s two act presentation "WALLS" featured the invisible walls that surround us; mental walls, walls of prejudice, which prevent society and people from moving forward. He called for breaking down those walls to achieve freedom, so each individual can attain the freedom and the power to fulfill their position of strength within a project. He expressed his pride in the fantastic Fresco Film Service team that has helped earn this company a significant position in the international film and advertising scene.


Peter Welter in his speech, claimed not to do things like everyone else (think "out of the box"), to do them differently.  He finished with a change of wardrobe and a great ovation from an appreciative audience.


The Genio Awards are an initiative that was born in 2018 by the CMVocento communication group.


They are in recognition of the industry aimed at advertisers, advertising and media agencies and consultants who focus on solving problems in a creative way, identifying the needs of their customers, and designing innovative ideas to offer useful products and services relevant to society.


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