We love our planet


One of the objectives of Fresco Film Services’ philosophy is promoting the team’s, suppliers and customers respect for the environment. From management to the whole team, they constantly work on generating ideas and actions to reduce the ecological footprint of the company both on a day-to-day basis in production offices and when shooting outdoors. A responsible utilization of all consumables, the choice of products that respect the environment and recycling are of the highest priority for the company.

In 2018 we created the Department of Environmental Sustainability to unify and create standardized rules regarding respect for the environment.


Since the creation of Fresco Film, one of the fundamental principles of the company is to care for the environment and to that end we are taking action. For example, in 2016 two hundred trees were planted in the nature reserve of the Barruecos in Cáceres, to compensate both the Carbon footprint incurred during the filming of Game of Thrones in that scenario, and to promote the recovery of natural areas. 


We are working on the creation of a legacy of actions in the different stages of production: pre-production, filming and wrap, where we are reducing waste, acquiring ecological materials whenever possible and implementing programs of reusing materials.


What are our small gestures that help the environment?

We have initiated the process of "water in plastic = 0": avoiding supplying water in plastic bottles, offering instead refillable stainless steel bottles and recycled cardboard containers.

Creation of media to raise awareness of the importance of responsible consumption and appreciation for the collaboration in these actions.

Fresco ecological bottle