The Fresco Film COVID-19 safe filming protocol guide.



The protocols Fresco has established in the manual are measures to be taken in addition to the guidelines and instructions from clients and the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The safety of the entire team is top priority for Fresco Film, but we are also aware that protecting the actors, directors and showrunners is vital for filming continuity, so we will have special protection measures for them.   

Despite the recent onset of this situation, Fresco Film already has experience in successful project safety during the three phases of a shoot:

WRAP - Team of 70 people in Madrid during the month of July 2020, 

PRE-PRODUCTION - Team of 150 in Barcelona, currently working 

FILMING - Team of 200 people in Almeria, currently in the third week of filming

(Updated September 1st, 2020) 

With its positive and creative spirit, today more than ever Fresco Film continues with its philosophy of protecting the Fresco family. 

Go forward, just forward, always.


Please to  contact us if you would like to learn more about our safety protocols:

Stay safe!