The Fresco Film COVID-19 safe filming protocol guide.



During the State of Emergency in Spain, from March to June 2020, the entire Fresco Film team continued to telework on projects and developing security protocols for the return to normalcy

Since June 21, 2020, Fresco Film continues to work in the new normal, both in Spain and Portugal and, thanks to the protocols we implemented, all projects have been completed, or are in development, without any Covid cases.


(Information update October 7, 2020) 


We have wrapped "Der Junge Hauptling Winnetou" (August 12 to October 2) 8 weeks of filming in Almeria with a team of 150 people and no cases of Covid among the entire team. Again, we thank entire team for their collaboration and involvement.

In addition, we are currently shooting a project in Barcelona, Alicante and Girona, with a team of 500 people using strict security measures with stringent testing, which is also a success.


What COVID prevention measures are being taken to ensure safety during filming? 

Fresco Film has Covid Protocols, in compliance with the regulations of the Spanish Ministry of Health, that establish security measures to be implemented in the workplace. 

Some measures to highlight: 


  • Good planning by the Health and Safety department. 
  • Creation of a responsible COVID team.
  • Mandatory use of protection masks. 
  • Social distancing.
  • Creation of bubble working groups.
  • Awareness of individual responsibility for collective protection. 
  • Promoting teleworking in pre-production.
  • Disinfection, thorough cleaning. 
  • PCR and Antigen tests among the team, actors, extras, suppliers.

The safety of the entire team is top priority for Fresco Film, but we are also aware that protecting the actors, directors and showrunners is vital for filming continuity, so we have additional protection measures for them.   

Subject to the characteristics of the project, Fresco Film adapts security measures and the control and timing of PCR tests to the client's needs. 

Despite the newness of this “new normal” Fresco Film already has extensive experience with COVID-free filming in small projects to super-productions.


The Covid situation is constantly evolving, please take note of date of the information provided below and get in touch with our producers to clarify any questions and get the latest updated information. 

Are scouts allowed? Yes, our team has been working since the Emergency status was lifted, scouting with clients throughout Spain, Portugal and the Balearic and Canary Islands. 

Can we shoot in Spain? Yes, Fresco Film is currently shooting on the peninsula and in the Canary and Balearic Islands both in public and private spaces. 

Are the hotels and restaurants open? Yes, the hotels are open. The restaurants also are open with security conditions, capacity limitations, and safety distancing between tables.

Are the airports operating normally? Yes, quarantine is not necessary when arriving in Spain, but there are some restrictions for countries outside the EU, please contact us for more information. Before entering Spain, it is necessary to fill out a "public health form". 

Can you move freely around the country? Yes

Are there currently quarantined areas in Spain? Yes, there are some quarantined municipalities, but they are partial, not total, lockdowns. It can affect mobility, but for work reasons you can enter and leave the municipalities.


What are the restrictive measures in a municipality / zone in partial quarantine? 

* Movement is authorized for work, educational, medical and administrative reasons. 

* Shops and restaurants may work with a maximum capacity of 50% (60% in outdoor spaces) and must close at ten o'clock at night at the latest. 

* Social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 6 people. 

When is a municipality quarantined? The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System has approved, by a majority, to impose restrictive measures on mobility in populations that exceed 500 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants, have a COVID Test positivity rate higher than 10% and an ICU occupation above 35% of patients with COVID. We understand that this new situation will be with us for a while, we must adapt, live with it and continue doing what we like the most: SHOOTING


With its positive and creative spirit, today more than ever Fresco Film continues with its philosophy of protecting the Fresco family.

Go forward, just forward, always.


Please contact us if you would like  to learn more about our safety protocols:

Stay safe!