The Fresco Film COVID-19 safe filming protocol guide .

 With the idea that we can all start working again, and thanks to the collaboration of our heads of department, we have prepared a COVID-19 safety protocol manual based on the realities of a shoot.

The protocols Fresco has established in the manual are measures to be taken in addition to the guidelines and instructions from clients and the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Spain has already entered the first phase of lockdown de-escalation and, if everything continues positively, we expect that normality, with strict security measures, can begin in all sectors on May 26th.   

 In Spain we have travel restriction with 14 days of quarantine until July 1st. After that if there are not unexpected turns the country will open borders with NO quarantine necessary.

70% of the country is in Phase 2 (restaurants, hotel, shops, department stores, libraries, cinemas and beaches open) in 1/2 week we will pass to the next phase. Recommended social distance is 2 meters if not possible to use the mask is mandatory.

Domestic productions with reduced teams are shooting again, specially commercials, bet on their safety protocols. All workspaces, including production offices and stages are disinfected and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized prior to their handover to a client.

Permits granted

Remote Shooting Options

The safety of the entire team is top priority for Fresco Film, but we are also aware that protecting the actors, directors and showrunners is vital for filming continuity, so we will have special protection measures for them.   

In order for this to succeed, we ask everyone to cooperate and be responsible, to follow the necessary safety and hygiene protocols, so as to protect themselves personally as well as the rest of the team. We are focusing on the premise that if all of us protect ourselves and do not become infected, we protect our colleagues and in the same way, protect the project.   

Fresco Film has continued to work throughout the state of emergency in Spain, taking care of suspended projects and responding to all our clients regarding future projects.   

With its positive and creative spirit, today more than ever Fresco Film continues with its philosophy of protecting the Fresco family. 

Go forward, just forward, always.


Please to  contact us if you would like to learn more about our safety protocols:

Stay safe!